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Criteria Used When Selecting an Online Business

Most people ask me how to recognize the right business to become involved with online. With all of the scams, systems, opportunities, and programs out there bombarding you every day, many ask what criteria to follow in deciding which business to promote. Before you decide to invest, time and money, into any business or capital producing activity, you should put it through a simple check list to see if it meets a specific agenda that helps you achieve your personal financial goals.

First, A business has to produce at least a six figure income or return every year, or it really isn't worth any effort or time on your part. So many people jump from system to system, spending valuable dollars on marketing and advertising, trying to get their opportunity in front of as many people as they can every month. They find for all their effort, there is very little or no return, not making any money for themselves.

If a program, cannot immediately pay a commission when someone decides to join it with you, and a substantial one at that, you should not do it. Why spend countless hours, and money you don't have, not to get paid for the effort you put forth. Would you take a J.O.B.

and then at the end of the week, not expect to be paid, or maybe simply take a small amount until sometime in the future, you do more work and then get paid? Second, the income has to be passive. Time spent working on promoting any opportunity should raise your income and then at some point, not require any additional daily action to maintain a certain level of return. Imagine going to a J.O.B.

for one month, working about 8 to 10 hours each day, taking your weekends off. After that first 30 days, you stop going to work. What happens? Well, you don't make any more money, and you probably get fired. Wouldn't it be great if you received a paycheck, every week, thereafter, simply for the work you did in that 30 day period? The business you choose to participate in should pay you every week for work you do months earlier, simply because you showed a few people like yourself what to do. If you choose a business that has a compensation plan that allows a good return by doing this, you will succeed in receiving commission checks, week after week, without fail.

Third, It has to be portable, meaning, that you are able to work from anywhere. You can enjoy doing many things like your hobbies, sporting activities, vacationing, shopping, or simply relaxing with family and friends, that you can't do if you have to go to work! Finally, the business that you choose, cannot depend on other people performance, or to state it even more precise, several hundreds or thousands of other people's performance, in order to make alot of money. You should not mind working with a core group of people. Like friendships, you simply can't be friends with hundreds of people at the same time.

Like management positions, you can't manage the actions, and behavior of hundreds of people at the same time. Great leaders, marketers, managers, politicians, etc., always surround themselves with a core group of people, that go out and get the job done.

The business you choose should allow the freedom to work with a core group of as few people as possible to get paid. The return you receive from this group of associates should reward you alot of money every week. To summarize, whatever you decide, the online opportunity should produce a six figure income, become passive in a short time span, be portable, and not depend on a huge quantity of people in order to make money for you. Sticking with this business criteria, you will experience the stability of income and create financial well-being for yourself and your family while working online.

Terry Sauerbier is a marketing consultant. His mission is assisting customers, employees, and associates, achieve a more fulfilling life, sharing techniques that generate financial well-being and security.
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