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Does the IRS consider interest on a home equity line of credit deductible as a second mortgage

The home equity line of credit of an individual is considered to be deductible as a second mortgage for many people, but there are a number of considerations that need to be adhered to before the individual can actually deduct their interest on their taxes. A home equity line of credit can be used as an itemized deduction when the individual is legally liable to pay the interest on the home equity line of credit, the individual pays the interest during the course of the tax year for which they are filing their taxes, the debt is secured with one's home and the interest that is deducted does not exceed the specified limitations as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, it is important to note that there are limitations that are put on the amount of interest that can be deducted as a second mortgage on the individual's taxes. It is important to note that there is a difference between a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan and this is very important since there are consequences to each type of loan.

These differences are important to note especially when considering the taxes of an individual and how much interest can be deducted on the individual's taxes. Home equity loans have a number of specified characteristics that differ from the home equity lines of credit that individuals can receive and this will come into play when the individual files their taxes. A home equity loan has a fixed interest rate which does not change over time, as well as regular monthly payments that have been timed and sized to be paid off over the defined time limit, as established by the financial institution that gave the individual the home equity loan. A home equity line of credit, using the anagram HELOC, has different aspects.

This line of credit does not have a fixed interest rate. Instead, the HELOC has an adjustable rate of interest. The interest rate is typically tethered to the changes in the prime rate of the line of credit. In response, the prime rate of the line of credit is tethered to changes that have occurred within the targeted federal funds rates.

The HELOC is considered by the IRS to be a second mortgage on a home. Any mortgage that is placed on a home that is not the primary mortgage or loan taken out in order to purchase, build or reconstruct the home is considered to be a second mortgage. As a result, the HELOC is considered to be a second mortgage and thus deductible as a second mortgage if the individuals are able to meet the criteria necessary and set forth by the IRS.

By definition, it is possible for the HELOC to be considered as a second mortgage and thus the interest is deductible on the person's taxes. Limitations that exist include that the individual cannot deduct more than $100,000 in interest per year. If a couple is married but filing separately, the individuals, on their own, may not deduct more than $50,000 each.

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