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Explode Your Downline From The Beginning

Network marketing is not easy, especially when you're first starting out in the industry. It can be immensely frustrating trying, without success, to get that elusive first referral. So in this article I want to discuss how you can get your network marketing business off to a flying start.

To begin with you can target your warm market, ie your friends and family. This will certainly get your network marketing business going, but I don't personally recommend going down this road, unless the people you enrol are serious about promoting the business. If they're not completely committed then they will inevitably drop out of the program, leaving you back at square one. The only time I personally like to bring my friends and family into my network marketing programs is when I know I can enrol many new members, who I can then place underneath them, earning them a nice income without too much effort.

In addition, I will often conduct fully-fledged advertising campaigns that include their affiliate links, just to get their downline going, and to get them into profit as soon as possible. The real test comes when you try to promote your program to people you don't know, ie your cold market. In the long-term you should try and build your online presence through writing articles, creating a website or blog that promotes the program, and promoting that site through advertising and search engine optimization. However, to start building your downline in the short-term, you basically need to promote your offer to as many people as possible. You want to reach a mass audience of people who may be interested in your product or program. There are various ways of going about this.

The first method of promotion, and one that I always use to start promoting my programs, is ezine advertising. By advertising in highly targeted ezines, you can immediately place your offer in front of potentially thousands of interested prospects. This can be highly effective, particularly if you use solo ads, because these are sent out separately from the ezine itself, meaning your email gets the readers' undivided attention. Another way of reaching a large audience is by posting comments on popular forums, relevant to the product or program that you are promoting. By this I don't mean blatantly advertising your network marketing business, but instead including a link to it in the sig file, if the forum allows it. This is simply the short block of text that appears at the end of every message.

You can use this to promote your own website or affiliate links. To get the most click-thrus, it's not just a case of posting as much as possible, but providing good quality and informative comments, as this will lead to more people wanting to find out more about you and the programs that you are promoting. These two methods mentioned above, ezine advertising and posting on popular forums, will immediately place your ad in front of a large targeted audience. There are also other online promotional methods you could use, such as traffic exchanges and safelists, although you have to remember that most of the people who will be viewing your ad will only be interested in promoting their own product or program. That basically covers some of the many online methods you can use to start building your downline straight away. However, don't forget that offline marketing can be just as effective as online marketing.

For example, if you want to reach a mass audience offline, you could pay for newspaper and/or magazine advertising, or create business cards and flyers that you can then distribute to as many people as possible. To summarise, there are various methods you can use to start building your downline straight away. You simply need to reach a large audience, whether it's online or offline, and present them with an irresistible offer. As a closing comment, if you can set yourself apart from the other promoters, then you will have even greater success building your downline. For example, you could offer free bonuses to people who sign up under you, or you could provide them with a duplicable system they can use to build their own downline.

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