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Is Your Debt Elimination Strategy Missing This Vital Link

When one talks about debt elimination strategy, most of the people who hear this often think about eliminating the debts by paying off each and every debt that they own, at the minimum rate. If you have multiple credit cards and have lots of debts payment to make on every month, you'll realize soon that you'll be among 98% of the people who are doing the same thing. That's because like the rest of the people who are struggling in consolidating their credit card debts, you failed to realize that rather than just relying on credit card debt elimination strategy, you can sometimes take a look on your 'Debt Payment Strategy' instead. Like what I've said earlier, what most people would do to clear off their credit card debt is to make the minimum payment on each credit card with the excess amount above it to start reducing their loan on all debts. Well, sorry to tell you this but this is definitely WRONG way to do it.

You see, in reality, when you are in a debt, you are limited to these 3 scenarios. 1) You credit sucks. 2) You are spending on the high interest rate 3) You simply have to many credit payments to back up If like everyone else, you would want to know how to get off from these struggling positions, this may be the best missing link in your debt elimination strategy. Listen to this. The most important thing in your debt elimination strategy is to make only the REQUIRED minimum payments on all your debts or credit cards with exception to one of them. Basically in this strategy, you would need to take all the additional payments that you would have made to each credit card or debt you are having, and consolidate that extra budget to pay off towards the 1 credit card.

Try to pay on the credit card with highest interest rate. For example, if you were to pay off extra $30 from each of your 5 payments, then based on this elimination strategy you would need to pay extra $150 on just one of your debts. With this method, you can expect to be able to pay off your debt much sooner and would be able to close off that particular account. Then only that you can start to concentrate on closing off another account using the same basic debt elimination strategy like above. By paying off the highest interest rate debts first, this will not only help you to save up money in the long run, but also will help you to fight back your large credit card debt simply by concentrating on closing the accounts one by one.

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