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Millionaire Habit Take Responsibility

Wealth habit number three is the habit of taking responsibility for your results and wealth! Unfortunately most people choose to adopt the victim's mindset of giving excuses, blaming and complaining. Remember when you give excuses to yourself (i.e. no time, no luck, no capital, no experience etc) or blame others for your lack of wealth, then you are putting others and external events in control of your life! When you are not in control, you do not have the power to change your circumstances.

When you ask victims why they are not rich yet they will say something like, 'my boss won't give me a raise', 'I don't get any opportunities', 'my big family prevents me from saving money', 'the stock market caused me to lose everything'. And instead of finding a way to improve and change, victims spend their time complaining but don't do anything about it. The trouble is that when you give yourself excuses, blame others and whine, it means that someone else or something else is controlling your life and your (lack of) wealth. Since you believe that it is not your fault, then you are powerless to change it. If you have a victim's mindset and hold doggedly onto the belief that external forces are controlling your wealth, then any strategies you learn will be of no use! Most people go through life with the Victim's mindset and this prevents them from ever changing their financial situation.

When they don't get the results they want, victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like 'I'm just unlucky', 'I have no experience', 'I'm too old to earn more', 'I'm too young to be rich', 'I have no capital', 'I was born poor' or 'I'm not a creative person'. The reason all these are lousy excuses is because we know that there are many examples of people who have created wealth for themselves, despite all these perceived disadvantages. Instead, millionaires take 100% responsibility for their wealth. They believe that they alone create their wealth through their strategies and actions. As a result, they know that they have the power to change their wealth by changing their strategies and actions.

They understand that they can create the sort of life that they want because they are willing to take the responsibility for the success and results in their life It is only when you live by this habit will you have the power to exponentially multiply your income and wealth.

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program '7 Steps To Financial Freedom' here.

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