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Private Financing And Acquisition Techniques For Real Estate

A good investor knows that a real estate property selected with care can be very rewarding. It can render above 100 percent ROI per year, along with good leverage. That is why real estate investing has become the most preferred form of investment by ambitious investors. However, real estate investments call for certain qualities, such as a good credit record, a sound financial position, an appreciable income, bundles of dollars for a down payment, and the lenders by your side. All are not bestowed with such financial qualities. But, there are techniques to enable smart people with less cash to step into the world of real estate.

Some of them are discussed below. 1.Trust: It is important for the real estate seller to trust the buyer regarding the equity payment terms. One of the most proven ways is to give the seller a substantial amount of cash as a down payment. 2.

Less Terms, More Price: The seller usually asks for more money in exchange for flexing the terms of the agreement. A Florida reak estate seller agreed to extend the payment schedule by 10 years in return for a higher sales price. 3.Direct Questioning To the Seller: Often, buyers hesitate to ask the sellers why they need the money.

They continue assuming needs and knitting diplomatic questions to extract the information. The best way is to directly ask the seller. You can always assure the seller of your help provided you know what the seller intends to do with the cash. 4.

Paying By Skills, Not Cash: Buyers such as lawyers, insurance agents, merchants, and painters are skilled enough to provide important services to the seller. They can trade their skills for a better deal on the down payment. 5.Life Insurance Policy At The Rescue: Life insurance policies are an asset that can be used for other investments. Policyholders whose policies are gathering dust can sell them to withdraw funds. 6.

Trading Items To Reduce The Down Payment: It isn't a hard and fast rule to pay the down payments in cash. If services can be traded, so can be valuable items, such as musical instruments, furniture, paintings, and even pets. Rare species of animals prove to be a perfect down payment. Some investors have even traded their precious emeralds, rubies, and other gems. Additional Help The trick is to satisfy the seller's needs and win the seller's trust.

There are many financial advisors to help you in your investments. They can tell you more techniques too. Remember, you need not be a millionaire to own real estate property.

David Gass is President of Business Credit Services, Inc. His company publishes a free weekly e-newsletter on Small Business Consulting at their web site http://www.smallbusinessconsulting.com

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