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The One Question Every Network Marketer Should Ask

You know, success in your home business can be surprisingly simple. Making money is not a mystery in network marketing. Read on. I was surfing the 'net back in the days when AOL was cutting edge, and came across this list of questions and it stopped me in my tracks.

See, my little ADD brain is always on "scan". I need it simple. There's a whole bunch of questions on the original list, but this one is enough to change my business forever.

If everyone in my downline did what I did today, would I make money? I started to fill in the blanks. If everybody in my downline surfed the net today, would I make money? If everybody in my downline sorted their papers (played office) today, would I make money? If my downline had spent their time like I did sharing ideas on the phone or IM-ing with biz buddies, would I make any money? It gave me personal accountability. It showed me exactly why my business wasn't growing as fast as I wanted it to.

Did my actions increase my income? I can offer lots of reason why I "needed" to get activity "X" done. This little question cuts right through the excuses. If my downlines had acted in their business like I did that day, would I have made any money? Would they? And I saw, really saw, for the first time, how much my activity, or my avoidance, filtered through to my organization. Duplication comes through the leader. It does. Bad attitudes and action or good ones, both filter through.

I've seen good leaders make it in bad companies. It's harder, but they can do it. How? Because they ask themselves this: If everyone in my downline did what I did today, would I make money? Now here's the fun part. This can also let you off the hook. Wait, wait, wait.

We just spent a couple of minutes putting ourselves ON the hook and now we get off? Here's how: let's say you spent all day doing prospecting calls, or online networking or whatever. And you didn't get the results you were hoping for today. But you GOT OUT THERE. You did the activity. Let's ask that question again: If everyone in my downline did what I did today, would I make money? Now, let's fill in the blanks differently: "If everyone in my downline made 50 prospecting calls, published their blog, got their Ezine out, submitted articles, or placed an ad, would I make money?" YES!!!.

Karen Hurd has been a network marketer since 1988. She is a writer, coach and wellness educator. She lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband & 5 children. Karen built her business while her children slept, and now she makes money in her sleep. Email Karen at: lifestylcreatr@cox.net Visit her blog for more tips and ideas.

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