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Tricks and Tips for an Effective Business Card

A business card is said to be much like a traveling billboard. But you much have the right information to get people to stop and read it.

Some effective information to have on a business card is a tag line, address, telephone number, and company name.

A tag line is a slogan that explains what you do in five or less words.

A very important detail not to forget is address and telephone number, making it easy for a person to track you or your business down. Next your company name, this is the most important thing on the business card and should not get lost in your information. Most people you are trying to sell your company to have received on average 5 or more business cards a day. Most of the time a person will not read a business card all the way or even at all. A business card must catch a person's eye with style and design.

Using different designs and styles can make a business card easier to read and more memorable, but watch out for going overboard. A business card should make a lasting impression but it cannot do that on the wrong type of paper. Using the right stock or paper is very critical to the impression of your business card. Using a cheap grade of paper can label you or your business a cheap and unprofessional. Plus if you pick a thinner grade of paper it is likely to rip or tear. A thicker grade may just be pennies more but an expensive mistake if not used.

After you are finished creating the perfect business card giving them out may be more difficult than you have anticipated. Give business cards away as freely as you can, remember it is a very inexpensive way to get you company exposed. A business card is usually the first thing you give to a potential customer. It introduces you and your company. Never leave home without them.

Don't thrust your card at people you don't know or barely know as this is extremely rude. Better to let them take them at their leisure and this way at least you know that because they have asked you for your business card that they stand a better chance of becoming a customer, and less likelihood of finding your business card in the trash can.

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