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Who Works On Your Computers

Being a web master, a pastor, a small businessman, an educator, a city manager or a corporate CEO is a full time job. Therefore there remains many things one wants to do or needs to do that there is simply not enough time to accomplish. God was smart enough to only give man 24 hours in a day and a body and mind that needed one third of that 24 hour period to restore and heal themselves.

And, as one gets older even more recuperation time is required. Just when man gets an education, gains a wealth of experience, becomes proficient in office politics, learns to hold his liquor and control his tongue and temper, and becomes most valuable in his career, his body and mind demands more care and attention. And, society begins to ignore him. After all he can no longer speak the current every changing lingo, keep up with the youngsters on the tennis court, nor compete with the upstarts in the company gym or on the gold course. He is no loner one of the beautiful people and the sex appeal has faded being replaced with wrinkles and age spots.

Someone has said, "youth is wasted on the young". The owner and operator of Remote Helpdesk 1 and Computer Man Website Design can understand that. Being an old timer who has seen it all and done it all, he has quiet a perspective starting with the surveillance technology used in the Korean War as well as in Viet Nam. These days he sees young cops who don't look old enough to have a driver's license let alone a badge walking around wearing a pistol bigger than they are. He shakes his head remembering when he was one of them. Then he spots a computer tech who looks more like he should be in a junior high school English lit class than on a service call.

What has this kid seen? What has he done? What can he know? How much experience can he have? Who works on your computers and who supervises and advises those young twerps? It is important. As our guest suggest, youth is over rated. Why would anyone pay the nerd herd or fireplace dogs Four to Five hundred Dollars to do a One Hundred Dollar job? duh! Who would do such a thing? Who would waste such money? Most folks, apparently. Good luck justifying the extravagance as more and more consumers and board members get better educated and experienced in computer sciences, i.e.

the secondary field of used car dealers. Ever wondered who innovates, tests, proves and improves America's technologies? It is not the Valerie Plames of the world. not Dennis the Menace nor Mister Wilson. It is the United States Army! The Army Security agency (ASA), a subsidiary of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Military Intelligence (MI) an arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

There is a reason one sees all these middle aged executives and techs in private industry that came from government agencies long before qualifying for retirement. They are America's best and brightest and they jump ship at the height of the career having become painfully aware of the fact that to the government they are but a number. On the other hand, the problem for them in the private sector is that they are now on the downhill side of the mountain known as life, and finding they no longer have the time nor the drive to increase knowledge or maintain proficiency and a competitive edge in extraneous things they begin to decline in the eyes of the public. Just when they get their life and priorities in order, they are deemed to be out of step and replaced. A trip to Wal-Mart or McDonalds should convince one that there was much more productivity left in the old mares put out to pasture. One professor comes to mind who spent too long in the classroom.

He was simply not there long before being forced into retirement. But, the majority of those old timers saying "welcome to Wal-Mart" and "would you like fries with that" have forgotten more about their respective chosen career fields than the young ingrates who forced them out will ever know. Employers should get to know these well educated and experienced people. They actually show up for work, and they even report early as opposed to five minutes late.

They can accomplish twice what the person who replaced them can, and can do it in about half the time usually at less cost. You don't need sexy, you don't need the beautiful people. you don't need jerks with attitude, you don't need the young and the ignorant. You need experience and productivity. Perhaps they only wish to work three days a week.

They will accomplish more thus making an employer more money in that three days than the entitled youth will in a full week. It is time to re-examine who works on your computers.

This article is a publication of Burk Pendergrass, J.D., a Cherokee Indian, who is a Viet Nam War Veteran known as The Tennessee Mountain Man and Remote Helpdesk 1 specializing in online computer repair, on line PC repair, online help desk, online it services, on line helpdesk, remote computer repair, remote help desk, remote it services, remote helpdesk, remote PC repair, outsourced computer repair, outsourced it services, outsourced PC repair, outsourced help desk, outsourced helpdesk, contract helpdesk, contract help desk, contract PC repair, contract it services, and contract computer repair. It may be republished free, but must be republished as is, in tact, and with proper credits.
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