Brian Musanga

BI Developer


Brian focuses on creation and maintenance of data infrastructure and systems for carrying out detailed research, statistical analysis and problem solving; using advanced analytical methods and models to answer complex questions. This would involve tools like Python, Azure Data Factory, MongoDB, SQL, PowerBI, Apache Superset, and Excel. Brian is truly moved and dedicated toward using Data Science and Analytics to aid decision making, unlocking new operational opportunities and areas to create efficiency through deep insights. This requires adoption of ingenious ways using technologies to contribute to durable and scalable solutions. In modern business strategies, precision is key to overcoming the ever-increasing pressure on addressing objectives in the most sustainable way. During his free time, Brian enjoys exercising outdoors / hiking, following sports, and reading books published in the early 20th century. He also believes in the Kaizen principle for continuous improvement. With work experience of 9+ years, Brian has utilized critical analytical, statistical, and programming skills to develop, implement, improve systems and processes and has proven experience of leading projects and working in harmony with multidisciplinary teams. In addition to being an extremely quick learner, he is attentive to detail and has a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and responsibility. The nature of Brian’s degree course involves a great deal of independent research requiring initiative, self-motivation, and a wide range of skills. He is pursuing a Master of Science in Statistics at Kenyatta University, currently working on his thesis, and expecting to graduate in Nov-2022. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Statistics Major), Upper Second-class Honors at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Jun-2013.

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