Lucien De Voux


Palindrome Data

Creative market strategist, who blends business and technology competencies to achieve results in the risk and marketing domains. I started in product development and worked for a leading investment bank, an eCommerce software company and did some independent consulting. After business school I joined the leadership development program at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a data and analytics company in Atlanta, GA. As part of that program, I rotated through business units and functional areas, working on strategic projects throughout the organization. This helped me to successfully transition from technologist to business leader, eventually taking ownership of the fast-growing Digital Economy sector at LexisNexis. Palindrome Data, a data analytics startup I co founded in South Africa, now consumes all my working hours and has me doing everything from Market Strategy to (data) janitoring. The rest of the time I spend enjoying my two extremely determined, and adventurous daughters, while squeezing in some MTB every so often.

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