Tenly Snow

Director of Communications


Tenly´s background is rooted in literature, philosophy, and art. Her  greatest passion is exploring the nexus of art and technology as it applies to human progress. Tenly has worked in global development since 2013, beginning to focus in earnest on data and the digital transformation of health systems and supply chains in 2015. Tenly is inspired by the potential for the creative expression of Artificial Intelligence, exploring ideas behind cosmotechnics and cybernetics and is particularly influenced by works like Yuk Hui's ‘Art and Cosmotechnics’ and Max Scheler's ‘The Human Place in the Cosmos,’ as well as artists like Sougwen Chung and Paul Klee. Tenly´s strategic projects drive new business acquisition, progress, and better health outcomes globally. She is an experienced open source community manager who has helped dozens of countries strengthen their public health supply chains and health systems.

Tenly is experienced in digital health planning and implementation, stakeholder engagement, and business development and has led companies through US$ multi-million RFP cycles and built stakeholder relationships across countries, bi- and multi-laterals, technology providers, and community initiatives. Tenly studied English Literature at Whitman College and was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. She is fluent in French and Wolof, with basic proficiency in Arabic. Tenly has lived and worked throughout Africa and other continents for over ten years.

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